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Ata Kheyrandish

Postdoc Research Fellow

Chemical and Biological Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science

Ata Kheyrandish, Ph.D., EIT, is a postdoc research fellow in the chemical and biological engineering department. He is a class 2018 UBC doctoral graduate with over seven years of experience in water treatment and developing new technologies for getting access to cleaner water. His research in the UV-LED field started in 2013, and it led to developing a standard method to characterize UV-LED for water disinfection. Besides, he proposed a protocol for UV dose determination of UV-LEDs for water treatment applications. In addition to developing the operational protocols, he developed an optical simulator to estimate the UV-LEDs radiation pattern. Continuing his journey, his research focuses on utilizing UV-LEDs for advanced oxidation processes to remove emerging micropollutants from water.
Besides his academic experience, he is a project engineer working with RESEAU-CMI to deliver safe water to small and indigenous communities.