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Future Waters First Water Policy Workshop on December 4 - Water and Mining: Science, Practice, & Policy Workshop

Water & Mining Workshop - December 4
The Water and Mining workshop, organized in cooperation with the Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining (BRIMM), will bring together researchers, industry representatives, policymakers, and First Nations representatives to address four critical topics: leveraging data science; tailings and wastewater management; water economics; and financial assurance for mine closure. By discussing these topics in small, diverse breakout groups, participants will have the opportunity to form relationships across multiple organizations, exchange ideas, and build working partnerships based on mutual trust and understanding of each organization’s needs and capabilities. The ultimate goals of the workshop are to foster industry- and policy-relevant research, and to make it easier to deliver research results into the hands of decision-makers in a timely and effective manner. Read more about BRIMM here: This is an invitation only event - if you have been invited but tickets are sold out, please contact Kasey Moran at