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Water Luncheon Series with Dr. Melisa McCracken

Last week, we hosted our Water Luncheon Series with guest speaker Dr. Melissa McCracken, an assistant professor at The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, where she teaches international environmental policy. Broadly, she supports interdisciplinary research and teaching for water policy and management. In her talk, "Framing Transboundary Water Cooperation," Melissa gave an engaging talk centring on transboundary waters. She shared reflections and insights on the increasing focus of international politics and security surrounding internationally shared waters and how to address how transboundary water cooperation is defined and measured operationalize a method for evaluating effective transboundary water cooperation. She brought attention to the concept of the Four Frames of Transboundary Water Cooperation and the nuances in how we apply and measure transboundary water cooperation. While exploring the Four Frames, Melissa provided examples of how cooperative efforts over shared waters can take many forms; place matters in developing and continuing cooperation between riparians. Climate, hydrology, socio-political environments, and particularly political will play a role in establishing and maintaining cooperation. If you weren't able to make Melissa's talk, you may learn more about her research here.