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Aina Crozier

PhD Student

Civil Engineering

Faculty of Applied Science

Aina is a Ph.D. student in Civil Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Steven Weijs, with Dr. Ziad Shawwash and Dr. Steven Conrad as committee members. Her research focuses on developing models and tools to inform and assist decision making in urban water system planning. She is particularly interested in the quantification of resilience and determining the relationship with design strategies. This enables the exploration of economic and resilient solutions through multi-objective optimization techniques. 

Aina received a MSc in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway in 2011. Before arriving to UBC in 2017, she was working in the energy industry in Norway, with shorter relocations to Singapore and Mexico City. Her work entailed both R&D for wave and wind energy technologies and business retention for an energy knowledge house through analytical client support. She has worked with UBC Sustainability & Engineering as a Water Action Plan Researcher and will be using the Point Grey campus as a case study in her PhD research.