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Water Luncheon Series with Jonathan O'Brien, NASA

Last week, we hosted our Water Luncheon Series with guest speaker Mr. Jonathan O’Brien, the editor, technical advisor and communications lead for NASA's Applied Remote Sensing and training Program (ARSET). In his talk, Jonathan discussed ARSET's no-cost training opportunities offered on remote sensing, satellites, sensors, methods and tools, that are tailored for introductory to advanced learners. Jonathan highlighted the thematic areas of ARSET, one of which includes water resources. Topics of interest explored in the trainings are drought, harmful algal blooms, water quality, water budgets, groundwater and bathymetry. For example, one training opportunity offered is, “Mapping & Monitoring Lakes & Reservoirs with Satellites.” Jonathan also shared an exciting funding opportunity, wherein the NASA ARSET Program is *currently accepting applications* for proposals to fund applied research using Earth observations for water resources management. The first step of the proposal process is due May 21st, you may follow the link for the full solicitation and proposal requirements: here. If you have further questions about this funding opportunity, you may email the Program Manager, Mr. Brad Doorn: To view the full presentation and for more information on the current funding opportunity, you may click on the image below: